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"Build 0-1 brand identity system, create story brand, reduce brand marketing costs in the long run, and accumulate brand equity."

by kwanCREATIVE​

"Once enough, not much!"

WOW! brand symbol
A symbol catches people’s minds.


WOW! brand slogan
A sentence makes people’s attention.


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A try shocks people’s hearts.

Our Services

We focus on strategy, branding, graphic design, advertising, finding out the brand appeal point and the consumer demand point, making a connection between them, maximizing the value, and increasing the brand power.

Our services: brand strategy, brand building, graphic design, content creation and brand management image

Why brand building?

The lack of brand thinking and awareness is a very dangerous signal in today’s extremely competitive market. In order to enhance people’s loyalty and love for the brand, improve the efficiency of brand communication, and reduce the strategic significance of marketing costs in the long run. Therefore, building a brand first and then marketing will make it easier for the brand to quickly accumulate assets. A unified and coherent brand recognition system, like a force of regular and surprise armies swapping, is invincible in the market, and can quickly occupy people’s minds!


A brand is done by one thing, so that corporations can avoid detours.

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