kwanCREATIVE • Branding Design Lab


That works planning projects in Brand system, from Strategy, Design, Management to Communication, cooperate with annual and quarterly services, be considerate to lead the brand to grow and develop continuously for the client.


Integrate “less” ideas into “more” values!
Make the design closer to people,
Create a better life with creativity and humour.
With “nothing” unnecessarily decorate,
having “something” greater meaning.
We believe that “less” ideas,
can bring people “more” satisfaction.
The lifestyle branding of the era,
create the brand story to touch people’s heart.
A good brand has a unique personality and soul,
can interact and communicate with people.


kwanCREATIVE is a Branding Design Lab, focused on brand building, rebranding, regenerating, and reactivating for business, by strategy, ideas, design, and communication, integrating brand existing resources, to enhance brand competitiveness and improving brand benefits. Accurate brand positioning brings out brand differences and a unique brand image to improve recognition. build a brand with storytelling, and enable better interactions, and experiences between people and brands, so that the companies can continue to operate and continue to develop their brand.


That has cultivated unique insights into the market, and can quickly understand the features and the growth pattern of various industries. Served some well-known Hong Kong brands, such as Topsoya, Walnut Store, Yummy House, 3M, Kamei Chicken (Kong Kin Fong ), and Sun Kong BBQ (Renamed Ki’s Roast Goose), etc, also cooperating with some social enterprises and NGOs.


The original intention of our design is to reflect the soul of creation through works, focusing on building a brand system (strategy, design, management, and communication), enhancing commercial value, and reducing marketing costs, as well as reducing time costs for the client’s planning projects, that also create a vibrant brand.

Brands are alive!

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