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Alien Kwan

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Kwan said: Mainly sell ideas!

I am a brand creative who loves to think, art and design need to be warmly integrated into people’s lives. I studied a Fine Art  at the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design. Since 2007, I have been engaged in the design industry and has more than ten years of brand design experience. My design professional also graduated at the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design.


kwanCREATIVE is a Branding Design Lab. That has cultivated unique insights into the market, and can quickly understand the features and the growth pattern of various industries. Served some well-known Hong Kong brands, such as Topsoya, Walnut Store, Yummy House, 3M, Kamei Chicken (Kong Kin Fong ), Sun Kong BBQ (Renamed Ki’s Roast Goose) etc, also cooperate with some social enterprises and NGOs.


Pneumoconiosis Mutual Aid Association – Dust-proof Poster Design Competition 2021 – Merit Award 

Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong – Hong Kong Excellent Product Competition 2016 & 2020 – Finalists

The 30th Hong Kong Printing Awards 2018 – Merit Award

Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service – Golden Jubilee Poster Competition 2017 – Runner up Award

The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong 75th Anniversary Logo 2011 – Merit Award

Kipling x Sogo – Brand Gorillaz Image Poster Design competition 2007 – Merit Award

Branding Mind by kwanCREATIVE

Once enough, not much! as brand design philosophy

WOW! symbol

A symbol catches people mind.

WOW! slogan

A sentence makes people attention.

WOW! experience

A try shocks people heart.

Creative lead by kwanCREATIVE

creative lead

kwanCREATIVE • Branding Design Lab.

Focused on brand building, rebranding, regenerating, reactivating for business, by strategic, ideas, design and communication, integrate brand existing resources, to enhance brand competitiveness and improve brand benefits. Accurate brand positioning, bringing out brand differences to improve recognition. Express a brand with storytelling, so that the companies can continue to operate and continue to develop its brand.

With minimal design ideas, remove excess decoration and create a bright brand image, so that people can quickly identified.

by kwanCREATIVE​

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