deTour 2020 Design exhibition


The #deTour2020 Design Festival will return to PMQ from November 27th to December 6th, 2020. As the largest creative design event in Hong Kong, deTour 2020 celebrates the works and creativity of about 15 local and international designers and design institutes. In addition to holding physical exhibitions, deTour also launched its first online virtual design festival, providing an immersive experience for audiences from all over the world.


[deTour 2020 Theme] This year’s deTour Design Festival is themed “Origin of Design”, curated by local new studio Trilingual Design, to explore the role of design in daily life in the current era of change with value. [deTour 2020 Exhibition] The physical and virtual exhibitions of the deTour Design Festival are divided into three main exhibition areas: Special Invited Cooperation: The deTour Design Festival invited the well-known creative studio Whatever Inc. to participate, and their digital art installation “FLOCK” will express the face of people How to celebrate life together in a virtual world during a pandemic. We invite the public to experience FLOCK in person at PMQ, and audiences from all over the world can also participate in the interaction on the deTour 2020 website.


Theme Exhibition: Four well-known local and international design institutes are invited to respond to the current situation with design, highlighting the role and function of design in society. This year’s Design Festival will present exhibits from the following four units: CoLab, New Office Works, NO SIGNER and Synoptic Office. Selected work: Reflecting on cultural and environmental issues through diverse creative experiences. The deTour Design Festival finally selected the works of ten design units through public solicitation. The participating designers and units include: aona & Caotu Wood Research Institute, Chen Airou and Chen Songli, Zhang Hanqian, Cao Zhengchuan, Research Institute, East-West Architecture, WARE, Bai Ben, Huang Lianhui, Chen Junyu and Ye Xipeng, and XPLOR.


【 deTour 2020 Workshops and Lectures 】This year’s workshop will target young designers, children and the general public to explore areas such as communication design, fashion design and food design, leading participants to rethink the application of design thinking in daily life. Design talks will also be live-streamed at the Online Design Festival during the Design Festival. The Design Festival will also hold a series of design talks and workshops.


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