Ink painting master Wu Guanzhong Art exhibition

Respected and admired ink painting master ~ Wu Guanzhong

Mr. Wu Guanzhong once said, “Illiteracy is not terrible, but beauty and illiteracy are terrible.” Indeed, today’s poverty is not material or cultural, but the ability to perceive beauty, as if it has never been valued or mentioned. It is found that the people you know around you can really understand beauty only in one hand. The joy of life lies in finding and exploring beauty in life. Beauty and art are inseparable from our daily life. nice. As Mr. Wu Guanzhong said, “You don’t have to mourn me. Go to my paintings. My whole life is in paintings.”


The latest arrangement update on 24/6:【Exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Wu Guanzhong’s death】


Details: Dates: June 25 to June 27

Venue: Pottinger 22 Gallery, 22 Pottinger Street, Central [Exhibition Guided Tour]

Date: June 25 Session 1: 11:00 am to 12:00 noon (English) / Session 2: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Mandarin) (*Maximum 12 persons per group)

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If you want to visit the exhibition, please register in advance for arrangement: telephone registration: +852 9294 0723 or email registration: